Master Of Arts In Economics

The Master of Arts (MA) degree programme in economics is aimed at providing advanced training for students in the various branches of the economics discipline. Through the programme, students will be able to broaden their careers as researchers, educators and trainers in the public and private sectors as well as non-governmental/international organizations. Many qualified first degree holders of Egerton University and elsewhere have increasingly expressed interest in advancing their education in economics yet currently the university does not offer a Masters programme. As a result of its geographical position, Egerton University can capture a large reservoir of the young people willing to enrol in the programme. For many years, qualified Economic students from Egerton University have had to seek admission for an M.A degree in other Universities. The increasing demand for this programme necessitates that Egerton University offers it. In addition, Economics is in high demand both in the public sector as well as the private sector as well as in the region since there is an increasing demand for planners, analysts, economic managers, lecturers and researchers with knowledge of the functioning of the economy and modern analysis tools.

Programme Objectives
The M.A. Programme in Economics is designed to:
i) Offer the student a thorough grounding in economic analysis and research.
ii) Enable the student to conduct both qualitative and quantitative studies/research in Economics;
iii) Enable the student acquire the capability for designing economic models for development policy making;
iv) Prepare students for careers in the public and private sectors of the economy particularly in academic and research institutions, doctoral studies and also international organizations.

Admission Requirements
i) The common regulations for the Masters degrees as specified in the Egerton University Statute shall apply;
ii) Candidates for the M.A Economics programme will be expected to have a Bachelors degree (at least Upper Second Class Honours) degree in
Economics or related discipline from Egerton University or equivalent qualifications from other recognized institutions of higher learning;
iii) Those with Lower Second Class Honours and working experience of at least three years in relevant areas will be considered.

Course Structure and Duration
The M.A programme in Economics for full time students will require at least four academic semesters or at least 18 months and a maximum of 36 months of study. For part-time students, the programme will take a maximum of 8 academic semesters or 4 years of study. Students will be required to take a total of 10 Core courses and 2 Electives during the first 3 semesters of study. Thereafter, students will work independently but under the guidance of supervisors, in developing a research proposal during the 1st semester of year two. The research project will be prepared in semester two of the same year. Course work will account for at least 36 credit factors and the research project will constitute 9 credit factors.

Examination Regulations
All the examinations for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with examination regulations as stipulated in the Egerton University Statute XXVIII

Grading System
The grading of examinations for this programme shall be conducted in accordance within Egerton University Statute XXVIII.

Graduation Requirements
To graduate a student shall be required to take and pass ALL scheduled courses within the stipulated period.

Degree Classification
Degree classification shall be in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXVIII.

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