Bsc. Military Science

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The Kenya Armed Forces has developed and expanded its service to various sectors of the Kenyan economy continuously since independence.  However, in order to improve its performance towards fulfilling this mandate, it is important that the Armed Forces invests more resources in Training its Officers.  In addition, a need has been identified to train Officers at the degree level in order to improve their performance and the overall efficiency and effectiveness in delivery of Military service in Kenya. The degree programme will include both the professional aspects of the military service and related academic disciplines.


The Bachelor of Military Science degree seeks to contribute towards the professional training of Military officers through broadening scope of understanding and shaping skills in operational functionality on issues that affect the security of Kenya.  To this extent, the programme comprises of a carefully selected mix of mutually supporting military and academic courses.  The programme is guided by the dictum that war is fought and won not with military hardware, but with intelligence and dexterity.


Enhance the capacity of students to acquire and use information/data for purposes of making accurate and informed decisions in their routine professional duties.
Raise the level of competency needed in analyzing the various operational situations for effective management of security sustenance.
 Equip the students with skills that enable them to be flexible and easily adaptable to varying working environments.

Admision Regulations

All candidates admitted to the Bachelor in Military Science (B.Mil.Sci.) degree must satisfy the minimum common entrance requirements of Egerton University.

Military Officers holding qualifications equivalent to the above from institutions recognized by Egerton University Senate may also be considered for admission

Admission may be offered to Military Officers who hold Diploma in Military Science or its equivalent.

The Bachelor of Military Science Degree Programme takes an equivalent of four academic years each of which is composed of two semesters of 15 teaching weeks and one week of Examination.
To qualify for a Bachelor of Military Science degree, candidates must have taken and passed all the prescribed courses of study within prescribed study.
Based on Senate approved guidelines, candidates may be allowed to transfer upto a maximum of 40% of the required degree programme credits from a Diploma course or its equivalent from an institution recognized by the Egerton University Senate.
Credit Factors to be transferred to the degree programme shall depend on the proposed credit transfer policy developed.

Examination Regulations
The studies and examination procedures for degree in Military Science shall be governed by Egerton University examination regulations.
No candidate shall be admitted to examination unless he/she has registered for the same during the prescribed period.  Besides, they must have fulfilled all the requirements.
Unless otherwise stated, all courses taken must be examined through continuous assessment, which comprises out of a total of 30% and final Examination which accounts for out of a total of 70% marks.
Pass mark in Bachelor of Military Science University examinations shall be 40%
A candidate shall be required to take and pass all courses offered.

Classification for the Bsc. Degree in Military Science
Except where specified by the Senate, the Bachelors Degree shall be classified on weighted average percentage marks of all the courses taken in all the years of study at the University as follow;
70 and above First Class Honours
60 ?69 Upper 2nd Class Honours
50 ? 59 Lower 2nd Class Honours
40 ? 49 Pass
Below 40 Fail

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