Bachelor Of Education (Primary)


The programme is designed to prepare an efficient and effective primary school teacher, leader and manager capable of adapting to the ever-changing environment.

The programme will also prepare the students to think deeply in the practice of their profession and exploit opportunities for further education and training.


The goal of this programme is to improve the quality of primary school instruction and management.


The objectives of this programme are to:
(a) enhance the teacher's subject content and pedagogical knowledge, skills and attitudes.
(b) improve the teacher's ability to handle-:

(i) all subjects at lower primary and

(ii) one of the specialist areas at upper primary level.

(c) develop a primary school teacher who is creative and capable of discovering, understanding, controlling and adapting technologies.
(d) improve a teacher's communication skills.
(e) enable the primary school teacher develop the child's ability in critical and creative thinking, problem solving and self-expression.
(f) develop the teacher's awareness, understanding and commitment in the following-:

(i) professional ethics and education law

(ii) basic human rights and civil liberties

(iii) sound health practices

(iv) sound environment management and

(v) gender equity.

(h) develop a teacher's ability to conduct educational research.
(i) improve a teacher's leadership and managerial skills.
(j) prepare a teacher for further education and training.

Admission Regulation

The following are eligible for considerations for admission:

A holder of KCSE or equivalent and P1 Certificate plus a minimum of 2 years teaching experience OR S1 or Diploma holders who have taught for at least 2 years and wish to specialize in primary education.

Egerton University rules and regulations for under-graduate studies shall apply.

The passing grades will be as follows:

70 and above is A

60 - 69 is B

50 - 59 is C

40 - 49 is D

39 and below is F.

The passing grade is 40 %.

Course assessment shall consist of: -
End of year written examinations, which shall constitute 70% of the total marks for each course.
School-Based assessment, practicals and other field assignment as the regulations of the department may prescribe shall constitute 30% of the total marks for each course.
Courses which are purely of practical nature, seminars and/or work-based, shall be assessed entirely by work-based assessment.

Course Details

Block 1 in April (3 weeks),

Block 2 in August (3 weeks) and

Block 3 in November/ December (5 weeks), for a period of four calendar years.

Duration of the Study
B.Ed (Primary) shall constitute a minimum duration of 4 years of 120 Credit Factors (CF) drawn from core courses, professional courses, content areas and research project.

Students may exit from the programme with a Diploma in Education as long as they certify the minimum requirement of 90 Credit Factors in courses prescribed by the Faculty.

Students will be required to pass all courses registered before graduation.

Students will be expected to write a research project report, which will begin in year 3. University rules and regulations for Credit Transfer shall apply (upto 30% of the courses).

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