Directorate of Research and Extension

Prof. A.C. Kibor, BVM, MSc (University of Nairobi), PhD (Edinburgh)

Director, Research and Extension

Telephone: + 254 51 2217808, Fax: + 254 51 2217942

The Division of Research and Extension was established in 1987 and is mandated by the University to manage, co-ordinate, promote and facilitate research and extension. It is through these activities that new knowledge is generated, packaged and disseminated to a wide variety of end-users in fulfillment of the primary objective of the University. It is headed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Extension).


  • To engage in priority areas of research and consultancy.
  • Disseminate research findings to the scientific and industrial communities.
  • Develop appropriate technological innovations towards industrial development.
  • Productively participate in priority extension and outreach activities.
  • Promote and facilitate partnerships, networking, and collaborations with other institutions, industry and organizations.
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