M.Sc in pure Mathematics

Masters Degree Options

There shall be two (2) options for the Master's degree:
a)    Master's Degree by Coursework, Examination and Thesis
Under this option, the candidates shall be required to do coursework, take examinations, conduct research, and submit a thesis at the end of their study programme.
b)    Master's Degree by Coursework, Examination and Project
Under this option, the candidates shall devote the entire period of study to taking prescribed courses and examinations.


a)    Candidates registered in accordance with these regulations shall be required to pursue their programmes of study under the guidance of supervisors approved in that capacity by the Senate on the recommendation of the Department and Faculty Board concerned through the Board of Graduate Studies.
b)    There will normally be one (1) or two(2) supervisors appointed for each candidate. At least one supervisor must be a member of the academic staff of the Department offering the degree programme.
c)    Candidates shall be required to consult with their supervisor(s) at least twice per month. 
d)    Supervisors shall submit progress reports on the candidate to the Board of Graduate Studies through the Chairman of Department and Dean of  Faculty on a prescribed form once every three (3) months.
e)    Where the progress of the candidate is unsatisfactory, the candidate shall be warned in writing by the Director, Board of Graduate Studies through the Dean of Faculty and Chairman of Department concerned. If the candidate shows no improvement after the warning within three (3) months, the Director,  Board of Graduate Studies shall recommend to the Senate for the candidate's deregistration.
f)    Where in the judgement of the Board of Graduate Studies, a candidate is not receiving proper supervision from the supervisor(s), the Board shall order change of the supervisor(s).


a)    Master's degree examinations shall be conducted under the authority of the Senate as specified under various rules and regulations.
b)    Examinations shall consist of:
i)    Continuous assessment based on assignments, laboratory practicals and such other tests as the regulations of the Department may prescribe, which shall constitute forty per cent (40%) of the total marks for each course.
ii)    The final examinations which shall constitute sixty per cent (60%) of the total marks for each course.
iii)    Continuous assessment for programmes conducted by research/thesis only shall be reflected in the candidateÂ’s progress reports submitted by the supervisor(s).
c)       Courses which are purely of a practical nature and/or seminars may be assessed entirely by continuous assessment.
d)        Marks obtained in examinations shall be converted into letter grades as follows:
70% and above    -    A    -    Excellent
60 - 69%          -    B    -    Good
50 -  59%        -    C    -    Average
49% and below    -    F    -    Fail
e)    Other designations related to examinations shall be as follows:
P    -    Pass.
I    -    Incomplete.
K    -    Course in progress.
CT    -    Credit Transfer.
Au    -    Audit.

Resit Examinations
i)     A candidate who fails in twenty-five  per cent (25%) or less of the total Credit 
Factors (CFs) in an academic year will be required to take resit examinations once only  in the course(s) failed.
ii)    A candidate who fails a resit examination(s) will retake the course(s) failed once only.
iii)    Candidates shall be awarded grade “C” (50%) in all courses passed in resit examinations.
A student shall be discontinued for:
i)    Failing more than twenty five percent (25%) of the total Credit Factors(CFs) taken in an 
academic year
ii)    Obtaining a Cumulative Weighted Average  of less than sixty percent(60%) for the 
academic year.
iii)    Failing a repeated course
iv)    Committing a serious examination malpractice as defined under Section 4.0 of these 
v)    Failing to register for and attend scheduled lectures for two (2) weeks or longer without 
the consent of the Senate
vi)    Abscondment from research work for a period of sixty(60) days or more.

Special Examinations
i)    Special examinations shall be offered to a candidate who, due to circumstances 
acceptable to the Senate was unable to sit for ordinary examinations
ii)    Special examinations shall be graded like ordinary examinations.
iii)    No student shall be permitted to proceed to the next year of study without having 
satisfied all examination requirements.
iv)    Examination results shall be processed and approved by the Faculty Board of Examiners 
and submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies before being presented to Senate 
by the relevant Faculty Dean 

Submission of Thesis

a)    At least three (3) months before a thesis is submitted, a candidate shall with the consent of the supervisor(s) give notice in writing to the Director, Board of Graduate Studies indicating intention  to submit thesis.  The notice must be accompanied with an abstract of the thesis.
b)    The thesis shall be loosely bound and submitted in quadruplicate and shall be accompanied by a signed declaration by the candidate confirming that the thesis has not been previously submitted for a degree in any other university and that the thesis is the original work of the candidate. The thesis shall bear the signature of the supervisor(s) indicating approval to submit.
c)    Upon receipt of the thesis, the Board of Graduate Studies shall forward the same to the examiners within two (2) weeks.
d)    The Senate, on the recommendation of the Board of Graduate Studies, shall appoint in respect of each candidate presenting a thesis a Board of Examiners consisting of:
i)     The Dean of Faculty - Chairman.
ii)     The Director, Board of Graduate Studies
iii)     The Chairman of the Department.
iv)     The Supervisor(s), acting as Internal Examiner(s).
v)     One Internal Examiner who has not supervised the candidate, but is competent in the candidates area of study.
vi)     The External Examiner (to be present if available).
vii)     A Senate representative
viii)     A representative of the Board of Graduate Studies.
e)    The External and Internal Examiners shall be required to submit within two (2) months independent written assessments of the thesis to the Director, Board of Graduate Studies indicating:
i)    Whether or not the thesis is adequate in form and content;
ii)    Whether or not the thesis reflects an adequate understanding of the subject; and, in consequence,
iii)    Whether or not the degree should be awarded.
iv)    The thesis shall be graded as per Section 1.6 (d)
f)    As soon as all the Examiners reports are received, the Director,  Board of  Graduate Studies shall convene a meeting of the Board of Examiners at which the report and other academic matters arising from the thesis shall be considered. The Board of Examiners shall subject the candidate to an oral examination to enable it to arrive at a satisfactory recommendation on the merit of the thesis. The passing of  the candidate shall be based on the decision of the majority of the Board of Examiners.
g)        If the Board will require the candidate to resubmit and defend the thesis, this shall be done once only.
h)        If the Board of Examiners will judge the candidate to have failed in both the quality of the thesis and the defence, the decision of the Board shall be final.
i)        The decision of the Board of Examiners shall be communicated verbally to the candidate immediately following the defence and in writing by the Director, Board of Graduate Studies within two (2) weeks after the defence.
j)        Where required, a certificate of corrections shall be issued by the supervisor(s). 
k)        A consolidated report and appropriate recommendation shall be submitted to the Chairman of Senate through the Director, Board of  Graduate Studies.