Diploma in Nursing


This is a conversion programme designed for holders of a Nursing Certificate. For a long time, the training of nurses in Kenya has concentrated on the cadre of enrolled community nurses. With the increasing development of our nation and the inevitable sophistication of the society, the demand for high quality nursing is expected to increase tremendously. Furthermore, diploma holders have been able to diversify to other fields of medicine unlike their counterparts who have certificates.


The Ministry of Health has decided to phase out the training of enrolled nurses by the year 2006 and to make the diploma holders the basic nursing cadre in the country. Currently there are thousands of certificate level nurses who wish to convert to diploma level. There are very few institutions offering this service and it is estimated that unless other facilities are opened up it will take no less than ten years to clear the backlog. Besides this, enrolled community nurses have been demotivated by the lack of upward progression and diversification in working opportunities. Egerton University, through the Faculty of Health Sciences, is well placed to take up the challenge and contribute positively by offering a quality diploma conversion programme.


At the end of the programme the graduate diploma nurse should have:

  • Been prepared as a competent practitioner who will function effectively in being able to assess, plan, implement and evaluate professional standards of care.
  • Developed more awareness of professional responsibility and accountability.
  • Enhanced communication skills to enable him/her communicate effectively at all levels.
  • Acquired knowledge and skills to carry out research.
  • Been able to identify factors, which influence the promotion of health and prevention of illness.
  • Acquired skills, knowledge and attitudes to broaden management abilities and to be an effective health educator.

Admission And Course Requirements

All the eligible candidates shall be allowed credit transfer up to a maximum of 30%. The eligible candidate must satisfy all the following:

Have a Division IV or D in KCSE or its equivalent.

Be an Enrolled Community Health Nurse.

Be currently enrolled with the Nursing Council.

Course Duration

The programme will follow both a full time residential approach that will take a minimum of 18 months and a part time distant learning mode, which will take a maximum of 4 years.

  • One (1) lecture hour per week is equivalent to one (1) credit factor.
  • Two (2) clinical hours per week are equivalent to one (1) credit factor.

Examination Rules and Regulations

All the university rules and regulations shall apply for this Diploma programme.

The examinations in this programme will be conducted in a combination of any of the following modes, depending on the year of study and in accordance with the examination schedule.

(i) Written examination

(ii) Viva voce (oral examination)

(iii) Practical examination

(iv) Clinical examination

In addition, the following rules and regulations shall apply:

(a) The end of semester examination shall include;

(i) A theory paper comprising 60% and continuous assessment tests 40% except for basic sciences which should be 70% and 30% respectively.

(ii) A clinical examination marked out of 100% with viva voce comprising 10%. Any candidate who fails the practical/clinical examination will have failed to satisfy the examiners in the overall discipline examination even if the final mark is 50% or higher.

(b) The pass mark shall be 50% except for University core courses whose pass mark will depend on the faculty under which these courses fall.

(c) The end of SEMESTER 111(LEVEL 111) examination marks will be determined by continuous assessment tests only.

(d) There will be a final qualifying examination, which shall comprise the following core areas.

(i) General Nursing Paper 1 and 11

(ii) Reproductive Health

(iii) Community Health.

(e) The total marks scored for each course shall be translated into letter grades as follows:

75% and above - A (Distinction)

65 - 74% - B (Credit)

50 - 64% - C (Pass)

Less than50% - D (Fail)

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