Catering Department,

P.O. Box 536-20115, Egerton - Kenya

Phone Number: +254 (0) 51 210000

Catering is an hospitaltiy department charged with the responsibilities of offering essential catering services. First and foremost to students and university employees, university guests and and walk in visitors. before 1993 the department was fully a free service provider the students and the table deh o te menu was used. later on in1996, the departmanet became an income generating entity and a PAYE cafeteria system was adopted to date. A cutomer selects and pays for his or her meals before service is done.



Mara Restaurant

the department is composed of:

  • Upper mess with three spacious dining halls , simba , chui and kiboko each of which have an approximate area of 4900 square feet.
  • A red carpet guest wing is adjacent to Simba. Both Simba and the guest wing are used by visitors and staff.
  • J.F restaurant is between thorntorn and mama Ngina hostels for ladies
  • Tsavo Cafeteria which is situated in the faculty of social sciences just opposite dairy plant on the way to tatoon hostels. teaching staff preffer eating here.

Self motivated proffessional workers embrace character , honesty, transperaency accountability and intergrity. yearn for efficiency is an effective drive to uphold set standards which characterize competetiveness. We endevour to out shine our internal and public universities competitors in all our services.


  • complimenting other departmental services aimed at attainance of the university's vision of becoming a world class university for the advancement of humanity (Vision 2030)
  • outside catering in formal / Informal functions both within  and without.
  • Facilitate Hiring of the catering facilities
  • Plan and cost Menus
  • Raise internal and external requisitions
  • Recieve , store and issue goods
  • set and mainatin standards of cleanliness and other quality services
  • Facilitate staff medical check ups regularly
  • operating a kitche garden
  • supervision and management of departmental operations

we operate the pay as you eat cafeteria (PAYE) cafeteria system. This is a queueing system. the customer quickly complies their menu from individual pocket friendly priced delicious dishes and pays before service

Waiter service is carried out during special functions

Student catering units

They operate full time from 6.45 AM to 9.00 PM

MEAL TIMES (students)

Monday through sunday thriough out the year

Breakfast 6.45 AM - continues the whole day

Lunch  11.00 AM continues service upto dinner

Closing Time  9.00 PM

Snacks  whole Day

Members of Staff

Catering Staff List

Halls Staff List


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