Abdul K. Faraj, Ph.D


Abdul K. Faraj, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Food Technology and Chairman of Department

Dairy and Food Science and Technology Department

Faculty of Agriculture

P.O. Box 536-20115

Egerton, Kenya.

Mobile: +254 723 704828; +254 731 836731

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PhD Food Science and Technology

University of Alberta, Canada


MSc Food Science and Technology

University of Manitoba, Canada


BSc Agriculture

University of Manitoba, Canada


Diploma Food Science and Technology

Egerton University, Kenya


Kenya Advanced Cert of Education (A Level)

Ndururumo High School, Nyahururu


Kenya Certificate of Education (O Level)

Thomson’s Falls High School, Nyahururu


Certificate of Primary Education

Ibanja Primary. School, Nandi



Title of Certificate

Institution Awarding

June 2013

Digital Content Development and Publishing

Futuristic Ltd

July 2011

Corporate Governance

Feb 2010

Consultancy and Proposal Writing

June 2008

Corporate Governance and Strategic Planning

May 2007

Internal Auditing Course on ISO 9001

Kenya Bureau of Standards

Nov 2006

Implementation of ISO 9000:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 Standards Course

Kenya Bureau of Standards

June 2006

Team Leadership and Corporate Governance


University teaching and Instruction Programme

University Teaching Services, University of Alberta

May-July 1996

International Post Graduate Course in Food Technology

Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


Food Science and Technology, Cereal Technology, Wheat grading and Grain Storage Management


Nov 2013 - Present

Associate Professor of Food Technology

Apr 2009- Nov 2013

Senior Lecturer, Food Science and Technology, DAFTECH Department

June 2010 - Present

Chairman, Dairy and Food Science and Technology (DAFTECH) Department, Egerton University

July 1995 - April 2009

Lecturer, DAFTECH Department, Egerton University

May 2007 – June 2010

Acting Chairman of Department, DAFTECH Dept., Egerton University

Sept 2000 - April 2004

Teaching Assistant, Dept of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sci., University of Alberta

Oct 1993 - July 1995

Assistant Lecturer, DAFTECH Department, Egerton University.

1988 - 1993

Head of Section, Cereal Chemistry and Quality Control, KARI-Njoro

June 1987 – Oct 1993

Research Officer, Cereal Chemistry and Food Technology, KARI-Njoro

April 1982 – June 1987

Technology Officer, Cereal Chemistry and Food Technology LAB, KARI-Njoro

Jan 1979-Aug 1979

Untrained Teacher, Kaptumo Secondary School, Nandi


Project period

Research Topic


RELOAD Project – Reduction of Post Harvest Losses and Value Addition in East African Food Value Chains, building a research network between partners in Germany, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. It is a five years collaborative project led by the Institute for Agricultural Engineering at the University of Kassel in Germany. (Abdul K. Faraj, Team Member, DAFTECH Dept Team)

2011 - 2014

Product Diversification on Selected Tea (Camellia sinensis) Varieties. Funded by National Council for Science and Technology Support Programme, Training of PhD student. (Main Supervisor: Abdul K. Faraj)

2011 - 2014

KAPAP CGS Collaborative Research Project. Enhancing Sorghum Production, Processing and Marketing for Improved Small-holder Incomes and Livelihoods in Kenya. Collaborating Organization: Egerton University, University of Nairobi, JKUAT, Bondo University, SACRED Africa and KARI Biotechnology Centre.

June 2011 – Dec 2013

DANIDA Innovative Partnership for Development Programme. Natural Preservation of Raw Milk in Developing Countries – Kenya. Funded by DANIDA and DANISCO-DUPONT. A collaborative research between Egerton University, DAFTECH Department and DANISCO-DUPONT of Denmark. (Team Leader of the DAFTECH Team: Abdul K. Faraj).

2009 – 2012

Dry Grain Pulses – Collaborative Research Support Programme (CRSP). Increasing Utilization of Cowpeas to Promote Health and Food Security in Africa. Funded by USAID. This is an inter-university collaborative research between Texas A&M University, University of Pretoria, University of Zambia and Egerton University. (Host Country/Kenya – PI: Abdul K. Faraj)



Nderitu, A. M. Faraj, A. K., Tuitoek, P. J. And Muinga, R. W. 2013. Consumer Acceptability of Gari in Coastal Kenya. In ‘Trends and Opportunities in Production, Processing and Consumption of Stable Food Crops in Kenya’ pp106-110. Eds C. Onyango, G. Unbehend and M. Lindhauer. Published by TUD Press, Verlag der Wissenschaften GmbH, Germany. ISBN 978-3-3944331-17-1.


Kilel, E. C., Faraj, A. K., Wanyoko, J. K., Wachira, F. N. and Mwingirwa, V. 2013. Green tea from purple coloured tea clones in Kenya- their quality characteristics. Food Chemistry 141: 769-775.


Kilel, E. C., Wanyoko, J. K., Faraj, A. K. and Wachira, F. N. 2013. Plain black tea quality parameters of purple leaf coloured tea clones in Kenya. International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment 3: 81-88.


Ochanda, S. O., Wanyoko, J. K., Onyango, C. A., Faraj, A. K. and Kamunya, S. M. 2012. Screening of suitable clones for un-aerated tea production. African Journal of Horticultural Science 6:118-135.


Cheison, S. C., Bor, E. K., Faraj, A. K. and Kulozik, U. 2012. Selective hydrolysis of α-lactalbumin by acid protease A offers potential for β-lactoglobulin purification in whey proteins. LWT – Food Science and Techology 49: 117-122.


Shitandi, A. A, Faraj, A. K and Anakalo, M. 2009. Enhancement of Nutritive value of bagasse using chicken manure. African Journal of Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Development 9: 1712-172.


Awika, J.M., Yang, L., Broning, J.D. and Faraj, A. 2009. Comparative antioxidant antiproliferative and phase II enzyme inducing potential of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) varieties. LWT – Food Science and Technology 42: 1041-1046.


Kipkorir, R. K., Faraj, A. K., Shalo, P. L. and Lusike, W. A. 2008. Effect of blanching and fermentation on phytic acid, polyphenols and HCl-extractable minerals in Amaranthus hybridus and Solanum nigram. Egerton Journal of Science and Technology 8: 118-131.


Faraj, A., Vasanthan, T., and Hoover, R. 2006. Solution viscosity of low and high purity barley beta-glucan concentrates as influenced by dextrin fractions of alpha-amylase hydrolysed starch. Food Chemistry 96: 56-65.


Faraj, A., and Vasanthan, T. 2004. Soybean isoflavones: Effects of processing and health benefits. Food Reviews International 20: 51-75.


Faraj, A., Vasanthan, T., and Hoover, R. 2004. The effect of extrusion cooking on resistant starch formation in waxy and regular barley flour. Food Research International 37: 517-535.


Membership Category



Kenya Institute of Food Science and Technology


Board of Governors, Eldoret Polytechnic


American Association of Cereal Chemist 1990-1993 and 2000-2004


Canadian Institute of Food Sci. and Technology 1990-1993 and 2000-2004


Technical Committee for Cereal and Cereal Products, Kenya Bureau of Standards


Egerton University Alumni Association


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