Vision, Mission & Mandate

An outstanding resource mobilization, communication and marketing directorate for support of University activities

The Directorate’s mission is to strengthen the University financial base through mobilization of resources, enhance Alumni Relations and maximization of Income Generating Units (IGUs).

•    Raise funds for recurrent and capital development of the University
•    Identifying  strategic partners/donors and sensitizing the same on the development needs of  the identified  University development projects
•    Coordinating the developments and submission of proposal on identified University development projects as well as the growth and functionality of the University Endowment Fund/Foundation.
•    Fostering strong linkages with Egerton University Alumni through the University Alumni Office.
•    Formulating and reviewing policies on Universities Investments
•    Coordinate the writing and submission of recurrent and capital project progress and final reports.
•    Providing guidelines on maximization of income and cost cutting interventions, including regulations for income generating units.
•    Organize trainings or train grant writers among relevant staff.
•    Develop communication and marketing strategies for the University