Dr. Maurice E Oyoo, PhD

Dr. Maurice E Oyoo, PhD


Faculty of Agriculture,

Department of Crops, Horticulture and Soils,

Egerton University,

P.O Box 536, 20115 Egerton, Kenya.

Mobile +254-722-359-676

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Ph.D., Advanced Agricultural Technology and Sciences

University of Tsukuba, Japan


M.Sc. Genetics and Plant Breeding

University of Nairobi


BSc. Agriculture

University of Nairobi


Genomic plant breeding/Biotechnology/Genetics/Molecular Biologist


August 2011-Present

Lecturer, Department Of Crops Horticulture and Soils Science, Egerton University

July 2011-July 2011

Senior Research Officer, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute

May 2004-June 2011

Research officer, The Kenya Agricultural Research institute

June 1997-April 2004

Agricultural Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Kenya

November 1996-May 1997

Program Co-ordinator, Animal Draft Power Program



Accelerated Development and Dissemination of Superior Cassava Cultivars for Sustainable Food Availability and Income Generation in Coastal Lowlands of Kenya-Rockefeller Foundation Funded


Evaluation of Extra Early Open Pollinated Maize varieties (OPVS) in Dry Coastal lowland Ecologies-CIMMYT


Farmer participatory Evaluation of early QPM OPVs in coastal lowlands of Kenya-CIMMYT


Participatory Evaluation of Early Double Top Cross Hybrids in Coastal Lowlands of Kenya-CIMMYT


Development of Drought tolerant Varieties for Coastal lowlands.


Analysis of genetic basis of seed coat quality characteristics in soybean using SSR genetic Markers


Analysis of Morphological and Genetic Relationships among Coconut Accessions in the Coastal Lowlands of Kenya using DNA markers-NACOSI funded



James N. Njoroge, James O. Owuoche and Maurice E. Oyoo. 2015. Evaluation of soybean (Gycine max (L.) Merr.) genotypes for yield and protein content in Kenya. African Journal of crop science vol. 10 (1). in press


Forrester O. Odongo, Maurice E. Oyoo, Victor Wasike, James O. Owuoche, Laura Karanja and Paul Korir. 2015. Genetic diversity of Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) verdc.) landraces in Kenya using microsatellite markers. Journal of African Biotechnology 14 (4): 283-291.


Oyoo ME, Muhammed N, Githiri SM, Ojwang Ojwang PO, Muniu FK, Masha E, Owuoche J. 2015. In-situ morphological characterization of coconut in the coastal lowlands of Kenya. African Journal of crop science vol. 9 (in press)


Maurice E. Oyoo, Julius K. Masinde, Stephen M. Githiri and Patrick O. Ayiecho. 2015. Production and utilization of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) outside its traditional growing areas. A case of Kenya. Chapter 6.32 in FAO and CIRAD. State of the Art Report of Quinoa in the World in 2013. P 534-549. Rome


Tito O. Rodriguez, Felipe R. Rodas, Maurice E. Oyoo, Mineo Senda, Ryoji Takahashi.2013. Inverted repeat of chalcone synthase 3 pseudogene is associated with seed coat discoloration in soybean. Crop Science. 53:518–523


Takahashi, R , Benitez, ER , Oyoo ME and Komatsu S. 2011. Nonsense mutation in soybean MYB transcription factor gene is associated with purple-blue flower color. Journal of Heridity 102(4):458-463


Oyoo ME, Benitez ER, Kurosaki H, Ohnishi S, Kiribuchi-Otobe C, Horigane A and Takahashi R. 2011. QTL analysis of soybean seed coat discoloration associated with II TT genotype. Crop Science Sci. 51:464–469


Oyoo ME, Benitez ER, Matsumura H and Takahashi R. 2010. QTL analysis of seed coat cracking in soybean. Crop Science 50 (4): 1230-1235


Oyoo ME, Githiri SM, Benitez ER and Takahashi R. 2010. QTL analysis of net-like cracking in soybean seed coats. Breeding Science 60 (1): 28-33


Oyoo ME, Githiri SM and Ayiecho PO. 2010. Performance of some quinoa genotypes in Kenya. South African Journal of Plant and Soil 27 (2): 187-190


Iwashina T, Oyoo ME, Khan NA, Matsumura H and Takahashi R. 2008. Analysis of flavonoids in flower petals of soybean flower color variants. Crop Science 48 (5): 1918-1924


Takahashi R, Matsumura H, Oyoo ME and Khan NA. 2008. Genetic and linkage analysis of purple–blue flower in soybean. Journal of Heredity 99 (6): 593–597


Oyoo M.E, Muniu F.K and Kitiem, PK. 2011. Biotechnology as a tool for improved agricultural yield as a result of climate change and solution to reduced global warming due to agricultural activities. Paper presented at the AfricaAdapt Climate Change symposium, UN Conference Facilities, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 9-12th March, 2011


Oyoo M.E, Takahashi, R, Muinga, R.W, Muniu F.K and Githiri S.M. 2010. Identification of candidate genes for seed coat discoloration associated with IITT genotypes in soybean using genome database information. Paper presented at the 12th KARI, Biennial Scientific Conference 8th-12th November 2010


S. Mugo, M. Oyoo, D. Bergvinson, H. De Groote, and J. Songa. 2006. Evaluation of Open Polinated Maize Varieties for Resistance to Chilo partellus in Dryland Mid-Altitudes and Coastal Lowlands of Kenya. Paper presented at the 10th KARI Biennial Scientific Conference 12-17 November 2006, KARI Headquarters Nairobi Kenya

Section C: Paper/poster presented in workshops and seminars

with no proceedings


Oyoo M.E, Eduardo R. B and Ryoji Takahashi: QTL Analysis of 
Seed Coat Cracking In Soybean, a paper presented at the Japanese
Society of Breeding   
conference at Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan in February, 2008.                


Oyoo, M.E., and Kasumi Katsuta: Setting a base for future

Quinoa research in New AEZ,

Quinoa trial in Kenya. Paper presented during the Amaranth

and Quinoa Symposium at

Kinki University ,Nara, Japan, September 2007


Oyoo M.E, Eduardo R. B and Ryoji Takahashi: QTL Analysis
 of Seed Coat
Cracking In Soybean, a paper presented at the Japanese 
Society of Breeding   
conference at Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan in February, 2008                 


Plant breeding, Diversity studies, Biotechnology and molecular genetics

Competitive Awards Won


University of Nairobi Scholarship for MSc, Plant breeding option-1997


Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT) for PhD studies-2006


Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for post doctoral program 2011- was not able to take it up


National Council for Science and Technology, Post pectoral program-2012


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