Dr. James Otieno Owuoche

Dr. James O. Owuoche PhD,

Dr. James O. Owuoche PhD,

Department Of Crop Horticulture and Soil Science,

P. O. Box 536, 20115 Egerton, Kenya

Mobile: +254 720 710040

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Post Doctorial Fellow

Kansas State University


Doctor of Philosophy (Plant Breeding)

Kansas State University, Kansas US


Master of Science in Plant Breeding

University of Alberta, Alberta. Canada


Bachelor of Sciences in Agriculture

University of Nairobi, Kenya


Diploma in Agricultural Education

Egerton University, Kenya


Wheat Breeding/molecular and Genetics


October 2009-To date

Senior Lecturer at Egerton University, Department Of Crops Horticulture and Soil Science.


2005- 2009

Lecturer at Moi University, (Currently Eldoret University) Department of Biotechnology

2003- 2005

Plant breeder and Molecular Geneticist at KARI- National Plant Breeding Research Center.

1985 to 1997

Research Scientist at Kenya Agricultural Research Institute Njoro Kenya.



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Breeding and genetics of cereals mainly wheat barley triticale and oats. Breeding for rusts (Stem rust, leaf rust and stripe rust) resistance and identification of different genes in wheat. Molecular breeding in wheat and sorghum.

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