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Computer Science is the discipline at Egerton University that seeks to develop a scientific foundation from which to pursue such topics as computer programming, computer design, computer information systems, artificial intelligence, parallelism, software systems, the algorithmic solution of problems, and the algorithmic process itself. The science of computing involves the relationships among these topics as well as the topics themselves. Computers are so pervasive in our society that it is hard to imagine a well-rounded Egerton University graduate who is not computer literate.

The mission of the Department of Computer Science of Egerton University is to offer exemplary education to society and generate significant knowledge for national and global development by maintaining a program of excellence in teaching, research, and extension. At the undergraduate level, students are given the opportunity to obtain a well-founded understanding of the principles and theories of the science of computing. In addition, the curriculum presents a University Studies program that gives students the social, ethical, and liberal education needed to be positive contributors to society as a whole. Students receiving a bachelor's degree in the various programs are ready to enter the work force as productive computer scientists or to continue their education at the graduate level. Their foundation in computer science is such that they can be life-long learners in their chosen field. At the graduate level, students receive both quality and technically current instruction, and leading-edge research opportunities. In addition to responsibilities for program excellence and professional development, faculty members are committed to service through continuing education programs and research that contributes to their field. At the department level, students, faculty, and the various programs are frequently assessed to assure that this mission is being fulfilled.