Bachelor of Software Engineering

Software Engineering is about the orderly, timely and cost effective production of quality software that is not only useful but also usable. As such software engineering not only focuses on technology but also on the non-technical issues that are faced by software Engineers during the production of software. Research in this discipline shows that most of the software projects that fail because of reasons other than technology, therefore a Software Engineering degree should address these areas so that our graduates are able to address issues when they encounter them in their professional careers
Software Engineers are in great demand in this economy due to the expensive nature of imported software. The cost of software will come down tremendously when that software is produced by locally trained software engineers.
Programme Objectives
The aim of the programme is to produce graduates that are competent in the production of software and to be able to design and implement suitable software applications on a wide scale. The specific objectives are produce graduates that have:
i) Acquired both Theoretical and Practical skills in Software Engineering to be productive in society;
ii) Acquired adequate knowledge to pursue postgraduate studies;
iii) A basis for further research and solutions to Software Engineering problems that are customized for this region.
Admission Requirements
All candidates admitted to the degree programme Bachelor of Software Engineering (SOEN) must satisfy one of the following minimum requirements;
Direct entry for Degree in Software Engineering must have an aggregate grade of C+ in KCSE with at least grade C+ in English or Kiswahili, and Mathematics and Physics, or its equivalent.
Those holding a credit pass and above in Diploma in an IT related programme from an institution recognized by the Egerton University Senate.
Those holding qualifications equivalent to the above from institutions recognized by the Egerton University Senate.
Course Structure and Duration
The SOEN programme shall be completed in four (4) academic years or 8 semesters for full-time students and a maximum of eight (8) academic years for part time students. A maximum transfer of thirty percent (30%) of the Senate-approved Credit Factors towards the requirements for the degree programme will be accepted, provided the candidate had obtained a grade ‗B‗ or above in the specific relevant course. However, this is subject to approval by the faculty. To qualify for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Software Engineering, a student must have completed and passed 164 Credit Factors. The C.Fs comprise of 116.5 in SOEN and 47.5 from Egerton University approved programmes.
The course codes are four capital letters namely, SOEN standing for Bachelor of Software Engineering followed by three digits. 6.1 The first digit indicates the year or level of the course is offered, i.e. 1,2,3,4. 6.2 The second digit indicates the nature of sub-discipline of the course within the discipline as follows: 0 - Programming 1 - Software Production 2 - General Courses. 6.3 The third digit represents the sequencing of the course.
Examination Regulations
All examinations for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with examination regulations as stipulated in the Egerton University Statute XXIX.
Grading System
The grading of examinations for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with in Egerton University Statute XXIX.
Graduation Requirements
To graduate a student shall be required to take and pass ALL scheduled courses within the stipulated period.
Degree Classification
The Bachelor of Software Engineering degree is not classified in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXIX.

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