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Our Department continues to be in a period of rapid growth in student, staff and teaching facilities. Our objectives are to provide academic training environment for undergraduate and graduate students and to conduct research at the forefront of chemistry and applied science. The Department is hosted in ultra modern building with state of the art laboratories conducive for teaching and research. The Department is supported by competent teaching staff and technologists.

The Department offers programmes in Chemistry at both undergraduate and graduate level. Our Departmental have been very successful in securing grants for research from local and international funding agencies. The number of publications made by the Department ranges from ten to twenty in an academic year. Our Department provides an outstanding environment for graduate studies in Chemistry. We are well equipped with instrumentation, including AAS, UV-VIS, GC, Elemental analyzer and other basic facilities. Department offers research opportunities in the traditional areas of Chemistry, including inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical chemistry, in addition to several programs that cross the traditional boundaries between disciplines. A number of research projects in the Department are in the areas of Chemistry while others are interdisciplinary. Research and teaching in the Department is supported by linkages with the industries and research institutions. The Department is participating in small scale projects such as detergent making for the community.


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