Master Of Human Resource Management

The programme aims at equipping students with the analytical and conceptual skills necessary to interpret the nature, forms and incidences of human resources management (HRM) and the key issues facing private and public sector organisations in their attempts to develop and implement HRM policies. It aims at placing the Kenyan experience of HRM in a wider regional and international context. The programme will be analytical in nature; combining lecture class discussions, case studies, work based individual and group assignments and development of research skills. The programme aims at interacting with business organizations to expose students to the real world of managing work-force.
Programme Objectives
The following are the objectives of the programme.
i). To provide an elaborate training in management of Human Resource
ii). To critically analyze the human resource function in the organization and link it to business strategy
iii). To provide training in the management of employee relations in the organization.
iv). To share experience in the management of human resource in the organization.
v). To appreciate the changing environments in the work place and its implications to management of organizations.
vi). To provide opportunities to those who want to develop career in human resource management.
vii). Understand organisations, their external context and their management
viii). To provide critical awareness of current issues in business and human resources management by leading research and practice in the field
ix). Enable students to acquire and analyse data and information and apply relevant knowledge to practical situations.
x). Identify and respond to and facilitate organisational change as it relates to the organisation‟s mission, vision and strategies.
xi). Enhance effective utilisation of employees and organisational work life climate.
Admission Requirements
i). The common university rules and regulations for the Masters degree specified in the Egerton University statutes shall be applicable.,
ii). A holder of a lower second class honours degree from a recognised university with at least two years relevant work experience or relevant professional qualifications or
iii). A holder of a pass degree from a recognised university with at least two years relevant work experience and relevant professional qualifications.
Programme Structure and Duration
i). The programme of study for the Master of Arts in Human Resources Management Degree consists of course work, examination and a research project. To be awarded an (MHRM) degree, a candidate must successfully compete fifty-three taught credit factors (CFs) and a research project which will be equivalent to 9.0 CFs. A project once started must be completed within that semester in which it is undertaken. The eighteen (18) courses consist of seventeen (17) core courses and a management seminar and one (1) elective course from the list of electives.
ii). Each course will comprise 45 contact hours and be examined at the end of the semester by a 3 hour examination
iii). Full time candidates shall take 18 credit factors per semester
iv). Part time candidates shall be allowed to take a minimum of 6 CFs and a maximum of fifteen (18) CFs per semester. A part time candidate will take a maximum of ten semesters (five academic years).
v). The minimum registration period will be two academic years.
vi). Applicants who have completed equivalent Masters course units of other recognised universities may, with the approval of the senate be allowed to transfer credits up to 30% of required courses into their programme. Such applicants will need to make a formal request to the Director, Board of Post Graduate Studies.
Examination Regulation
The MHRM examinations shall be conducted in accordance with university statutes stipulated in the university statute XXIX
Grading system
The grading system will be conducted in accordance with Egerton University statutes XXIX.

Graduation requirement.
To graduate with a Master of Human Resource Management, a student shall be required to take and pass all scheduled courses within stipulated time.

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