Bachelor of Business Information and Management


The demand for Business Information Management professionals by far surpasses the supply. There are few colleges that offer Bachelor of Business Information Management (BINM) courses in Kenya and few of them meet the required standards. Egerton University has been offering diploma and degree courses in Computer Science which have become highly rated in the job market. With the increasing need for better skills and qualifications, Egerton University therefore needs to extend and upgrade training to cover the emerging technology needs tailored to the customers„ needs in the business environment within organizations and industries thus the BINM programme is meant to fill this gap.

Objectives of the Course
The aim of this course is to prepare graduates to apply an in-depth knowledge of information technology to the business activities of an organization. The course is intended to produce:
i). Personnel for management positions with practical business expertise in solving IT management problems.
ii). Personnel who will be employed in service industry, financial institutions, production organizations, research, consultancy and educational institutions.
iii). Managers who will use IT skills to meet the current management requirements in offices and industry.
iv). Trained personnel who will assist senior managers in the use of IT.
v). Client advisors on the use and application of IT in business applications.

Admission Requirements
i). Candidates for admission into the Bachelor of Business Information Management (BINM) must satisfy the minimum common entrance requirement as stipulated by Egerton University Statutes. The subject cluster will be as stipulated in the criteria by the Joint admission Board (JAB). In addition, the candidates must satisfy either of the following minimum requirements:
ii). Be a holder of KCSE certificate with a minimum aggregate of C+ with at least C+ in Mathematics and English/ Kiswahili.
iii). Candidates with credit and its equivalent in Diploma in Computer Science,
Information Technology, Business Management or any other related discipline from institutions recognized by Egerton University Senate.

Course Structure and Duration
i). The Bachelor of Business Information Management (BINM) is a four-year study programme. The BINM programme is to be completed in four (4) academic years or 8 semesters for full-time students and a maximum of eight (8) academic years for part time students.
ii). A maximum transfer of thirty percent (30%) of the Senate-approved Credit Factors towards the requirements for the degree programme will be accepted for graduates of diploma in Information Technology or related discipline, provided the candidate had obtained a grade ‗B„ or above in the specific relevant course. However, the candidate must meet the minimum requirements as stipulated in the Egerton University Statutes.
iii). To qualify for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Business Information Management, a student must have completed and passed one hundred and fifty four point five (154.5) Credit Factors. The C.Fs comprise of ninety six (96) in BINM and fifty eight point five (58.5) from Egerton University approved programmes.
iv). The course codes are four capital letters BINM standing for Business Information Management followed by three digits.

  1. The first digit indicates the year of study i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4.
  2. The second digit indicates the nature of the sub-discipline of the course within the discipline;

0- General BINM courses
1- Computer architecture courses
2- Programming languages courses
3- Business aspects of IT courses
4- User interfaces courses
5- Data systems and software engineering courses
6- Computer networks courses
7- Commerce, Management courses
8- Research methods courses

The third digit indicates the sequence of the course.

Examination Regulation
All the examination of the university shall be conducted in accordance with university statutes stipulated in the university statute No XXVIII.

Grading system
The grading system will be conducted in accordance with Egerton University statutes XXVIII.

Graduation requirement.
To graduate with a bachelor of commerce, a student shall be required to take and pass all scheduled courses within stipulated time.

Degree classification
The Bachelors degree classification shall be in accordance with Egerton university statute programs statute XXVIII