Service Charter Objectives

The goal of this Service Charter is to emphasize our commitment to provision of the highest quality of services and products possible and highlight or core activities, values, set standards, client  expectations, avenues for filling grievances and our obligations to clients.

The Board is answerable to the Senate in respect to the conduct of undergraduate studies  in particular has responsibility over the following matters:

  • The review of and recommendation to the Senate on, the quality of undergraduate degree and diploma curricula.
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration at undergraduate level with a view to facilitating coherence and resource use optimization with regards to training.
  • Development of methods of evaluating the effectiveness of teaching and learning at the undergraduate level in liaison with the Director, Directorate of  Quality Assurance.
  • Formulation and review of course scheduling and time-tabling policies for the purpose of enhancing coherence, flexibility and liberalization of the respective curricula.
  • Co-ordination of recommendations to the Senate on rules and regulations formulated by the Departments and Faculties governing the undergraduate degree and diploma programmes.
  • Co-ordination of the Award scheme for academic excellence amongst undergraduate students and forwarding recommendations thereon to the Deans Committee.
  • Co-ordination and facilitation of Field/Industrial Attachment programmes and Teaching Practice.
  • Coordination of Student Attachment and Exchange Programmes
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