Student Research

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1.    Determining the impact of land use on leaf litter processing and community metabolism of upper Mara streams (Audrey R. Tsisiche – MSc. Limnology)
2.    Temporal variation of sedimentation rate coupled with nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics of surface runoff in Sondu-Miriu Basin (Kennedy O. Ouma - MSc. Limnology)
3.    Effect of nutrients on algal periphyton in nyangores tributary of Mara river (Mbao Evanc - MSc. Limnology)
4.    Screening of Streptomyces spp. from Mau forest complex with potential antimicrobials activity against plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi (Hellen Njoroge - MSc. Plant Pathology)
5.    Evaluation of different substrates for cultivation of indigenous oyster mushrooms and control of mushroom contaminants using plant extracts (Njeru Pauline Wanjuki - MSc. Plant Pathology)
6.    Evaluation of Trianum-P(Trichoderma harzianum) and Trichotech (Trichoderma asperellum) as biocontrols against late blight of tomato (Grace Wariguru Kariuki - MSc. Plant Pathology)