Mr. Nicholas K. Kibitok

Nicholas Kipchumba Kibitok (BSc)

Department Of Animal Science

Faculty of Agriculture

P. O. Box 536, 20115 Egerton, Kenya

Mobile: +254 724 479 084

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July, 2012

Advanced Certificate Course on Quality and safety of Agro-products

Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China and Egerton University.

September 2009 to Date

Registered for MSc Environmental Science

Egerton University, Egerton. Kenya


Bachelor of Sciences (Botany, Zoology and Geography)

Egerton University, Egerton. Kenya


Animal Nutrition Laboratory Technology and Environmental Health


April 2010 - present

Senior Technologist II, Department of Animal Science, Egerton University

2007 – April 2008

Technologist Department of Animal Sciences, Egerton University

Dec.1997-May 2000

Technician Department of Animal Sciences, attached to the visiting scientist carrying out research in sub-clinical mastitis; Other diagnostic work: Worm Egg count using Improved Mc Master method, Rose-Begal test for Brucella organism and Biochemical tests for their identification (Indol, Salt-Broth, Glucose, Nitrate, Urea Etc).

Sept.18th to Dec.22nd 1996

Training; practical attachment at KEMRI at the Clinical Centre; Duties: Hematology, Serology, Parasitology, Clinical chemistry, Stool &Urine analysis.

Jan 2nd-to May 8th 1997

Training; practical attachment at Marie Stopes Clinics: Duties; - Clinical Hematology, Microbiology, Serology, Parasitology and Clinical chemistry.

June 1992 to Oct.1992

Trainng;attached at Ngongogeri Farm: Duties included Animal Health Management and care including farm operations and livestock duties.



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Joel K. Kiboss and Nicholas K. Kibitok. Re-Emergence of Tuberculosis among the economically productive age in Kenya: Case of Mombasa District. Journal of Social Development in Africa, Vol. 18 no.2 2003, ISSN 1012-1080.


Animal Nutrition Laboratory Technology, Environmental Health, Biotechnology, Agro-products, Feed and Milk Quality and Safety


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