Doctor Of Philosophy In Animal Science

The PhD study programme in the Department of Animal Sciences is designed with the knowledge that scientific research is a prerequisite for sustainable economic development and that impact of research on the society is of importance. Therefore, the education and training of PhD candidates is for scientific advancement and excellence while building human resource for innovative scientific research, critical analysis and contributions to future solutions to issues of concern in the livestock industry.The rapid changes in the livestock industry at all levels from production to processing and the consumer awareness possess serious challenges. In addition, the scope of animal production has expanded over the years creating the need for the University to respond to these challenges. In order to address these challenges continuous improvement in the curriculum in the area of livestock production has become necessary. A PhD programme in Animal Science is geared towards developing a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional in generating innovations, application of principles and new technologies in the livestock production especially in the chosen area of specialisation. The PhD research project may be; laboratory-based, field or modelling studies at the level of systems and ecosystems, population, individual organism, organ, cell DNA. Areas of specialisations include animal nutrition, breeding and genetics, livestock production systems, animal physiology, preventive veterinary medicine and quantitative epidemiology.
Programme Objectives
The candidates successfully completing all the requirements of doctoral degree of Egerton University are mentored to be skilled professionals with the capacity to provide innovative and quality leadership in areas such as teaching and training, research, formulation of development strategies, or advisory and consultancy services in private and public livestock sectors.
Admission Requirements
i) The common regulations for the Doctorate degree as specified in the statutes of Egerton University shall be applicable;
ii) The course shall be open to holders of MSc degree with thesis and with at least B grade or equivalent pass in the relevant subjects from Egerton University or any other University recognized by Egerton University Senate;
iii) Candidates holding Masters Degree and not meeting requirement 2 above and where the research project accounted for less than a third of the total weighting of the programme shall be required to register for mandatory remedial courses in the relevant area which the Departmental Curriculum Committee shall prescribe as deemed necessary;
iv) Candidate must include a brief outline of the proposed research project.
Course Structure and Duration
i) Doctorate programme shall be completed through research, thesis and successful oral examinations and sometimes postgraduate courses may be recommended to strengthen the candidate in specialised area of choice;
ii) Candidates may register for full-time or part-time doctorate programme. Fulltime programme shall run for a minimum of 36 consecutive months and a period not exceeding 60 consecutive months, unless with prior approved deferment. Part-time programme shall run for a period not exceeding 84 consecutive months, unless with prior approved deferment;
iii) A candidate may be discontinued on failure to demonstrate positive progress for two consecutive reporting quarters unless with prior approved deferment.
Examination Regulations
All examination for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with the examination regulation as stipulated in the Egerton University Statute XXIX.
Grading system
The grading of examination for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXIX.
Graduation requirement
To graduate, a student shall be required to take and pass ALL scheduled courses within the stipulated period.
Degree classification
The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Animal Scienceis not classified.

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