Agricultural Education and Extension

Dr. Agnes O. Nkurumwa, Chairperson, Department of Agricultural Education and Extension

Welcome to the Department of Agricultural Education and Extension (AGED & EXT). This department was established in 1966 by the then Egerton College in response to Kenya’s recognized need for training manpower to staff positions in agricultural education throughout the country. Its purpose is to provide both ways and means of implementing the mandate given to the University to assist in this worthy endeavor by encouraging and promoting agricultural education throughout all types of agricultural work. This Department and its staff are committed to facilitate the acquisition, accumulation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and the development of requisite skills and attitudes to effectively tackle the challenges of agricultural development of the 21st century and beyond.

The philosophy of the department is produce innovative and competent human resource to provide leadership in agricultural education and extension for modernization of agriculture in Kenya and beyond. Our vision is to be the leading department in training of competent agricultural education and extension graduates for sustainable agricultural development.Our Mission is to engage in teaching, research, consultancies, extension and outreach activities for agricultural development sustainable