Doctor Of Philosophy In Agribusiness Management

Given the complex environment in which agricultural operations are carried out, there is a great need for professional manpower engaged in management of agro-based organizations. The distinctive characteristic of the doctorate programme in Agribusiness Management is its emphasis on the economics of food-system organization, strategy and institutions. Research and outreach programs of PhD candidates in this programme will focus on economic and management issues such as measuring and managing risk, value-added processes, vertical coordination and supply chain strategies, and effective operations management of farm, agribusiness, and food firms.
Industry trends, such as more value-added food processing and greater concentration of firm ownership, are changing the nature of agribusiness research. Changing policies, regulations, technology, and ways of doing business, such as e-commerce, will impact the structure of agricultural market systems and affect agricultural producers, consumers, policy makers, communities, and agribusinesses. To assist in anticipating and manage this change, these groups will need quantitative and qualitative analysis to understand the driving forces and their implications. Moreover, programs are needed to expand markets for agricultural products, educate producers and other agribusiness on the use of tools that can be used to reduce or manage market risk, and educate clientele on the economic impacts of current and alternative marketing structures. In view of this, the doctoral programme in Agribusiness management is geared towards developing highly skilled, knowledgeable and innovative professionals to cater to the needs of agriculture, food processing rural and allied sectors as well as academia.
Programme Objectives
It aims at developing strong conceptual skills required to manage agribusinesses of the future. The candidates successfully completing the PhD in Agribusiness Management of Egerton University are mentored to be skilled professionals in the area use of economics and management to understand the agricultural business environment and to provide quantitative support for decision making. They will learn to use management tools and concepts to solve marketing, financial, production, and personal problems of agricultural businesses. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be ready to make a
greater contribution to the management of their existing organisation and be capable of developing a successful and satisfying career in academia, government, or industry.
Admission Requirements
i) The common regulations for the Doctorate degree as specified in the Egerton University Statutes shall be applicable;
ii) The programme shall be open to Holders of MSc. in Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness Management, Economics, MBA (Thesis) and other related fields from Egerton University or any other university recognized by Egerton University Senate;
iii) Candidates from the related fields who the department deems to be weak in Econometrics and management issues will be required to undertake remedial courses in the relevant areas which the Departmental Curriculum Committee shall prescribe as necessary;
iv) Candidates must include a concept note of the proposed research project.
Course Structure and Duration
i) The Doctoral programme shall be completed through research, dissertation and successful oral examination. In case the candidate is deemed weak in some specific area, some remedial courses may be recommended to strengthen the candidate in the specialized area of choice;
ii) Candidates will be required to register for full time programme which shall run for a minimum of 36 months and a period not exceeding 60 months unless with prior approved deferment;
iii) Candidate may be discontinued on failure to demonstrate positive progress for two consecutive quarters unless with prior approved deferment;
iv) The supervision of research, dissertation writing and supervision, submission and examination shall be governed by the Egerton University Regulations as stipulated in the University Statutes and Schedule on Doctoral Degree Programmes;
v) The students are required to follow their own interest and specialization by undertaking an in-depth study and writing a dissertation, which is followed by a viva-voce. Each student works under an academic supervisor from the department and any other person‘s recommended by the Faculty of Agriculture and approved by the Senate;
vi) The Doctorate dissertation will have a coding of AGBM 899 with a total of 45 Credit Factors.
Examination Regulations
All examination for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with the examination regulation as stipulated in the Egerton University Statute XXIX.
Grading system
The grading of examination for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXIX.
Graduation requirement
To graduate, a student shall be required to take and pass ALL scheduled courses within the stipulated period.
Degree classification
The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Agribusiness Management is not classified.

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